The only advanced activity tracker designed to improve your cat’s health and wellbeing

Monitor your cat's behavior to get real-time health updates sent directly to your phone, no matter where you are. Peace of mind for you, daily protection for them.

Comfortable for them, convenient for you.

Make sure your cat is feline good 24/7


1 month battery life

Charge it up and forget about it for four whole weeks. You have better things to worry about.


Lightweight device (10g)

Attaches to your cat’s existing collar without weighing it down or causing strain.


Adaptable to their collar

Designed to be adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your cat with any collar.


24/7 Monitoring

Keep an eye on your cat around the clock — even when you’re out of the house.


Direct insights

Understandable insights decoding your cat's activity and behavior sent straight to your phone.


Understand your cat better

Cats are mysterious, but their health doesn’t have to be. Track your cat’s wellbeing through their daily patterns.

Connect the tracker to the Moggie app

Let the purr-sonalized cat care begin

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  • 01

    Pair your devices

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    Attach the activity tracker

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    See activity and receive daily insights

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    Understand your cat better

The purr-fect companion

Be the best cat parent you can be

Explore our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What is Moggie?

Is Moggie a diagnostics tool?Moggie

No. Unfortunately not, but you can use the activity stats in the Moggie app to notice subtle behaviour changes. For example, you might notice that your usually active and playful cat hasn't been playing and jumping around as much in the past few weeks, which may be a sign of early arthritis. This information might encourage you to plan a vet visit and share this data with your veterinarian.

Can I use Moggie to locate my cat with GPS?Moggie

No. We opted for no GPS tracking as it reduces battery life. We also wanted to focus primarily on your cat's health for now.

Isn't the device too big or heavy?Moggie

No. We are cat people who have cats' best interests in mind, so when creating the Moggie activity tracker, we prioritized cats' comfort and wellbeing. This being said, we specifically designed our device to be lightweight (it's made of plastic and can be attached to any breakaway collar you already own). The Moggie device weighs just under 10g and measures less than 5cm, so it's hardly noticeable on your cat's collar.

Do you also provide the collar?Moggie

No. We want every cat to be comfortable with the activity tracker, so we want the device to be easily attachable to the collar the cat is most familiar with. Plus, every cat parent has a preferred collar.

What do I need to get started?Moggie

Beyond making the order for your Moggie device, you will need to make sure your cat has a comfortable collar, and you have a USB-C wall plug, ideally near where they eat/drink and/or near their litter box. This helps ensure a frequent and easy data transfer when the cat is in range.

Explore our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How does Moggie work?

How does Moggie work exactly?Moggie

Our product is an activity tracker specifically designed for cats. It tracks their daily movements and gives insights into their wellbeing. The Moggie device tracks movements such as jumping, walking, or sleeping and then translates that data into accessible language in a user-friendly mobile app.

Can Moggie help my cat, who suffers from a specific illness?Moggie

Not directly. We're sorry to hear that your moggie suffers from a specific illness. Moggie can't cure, prevent or improve the symptoms of a disease or illness, but it can indicate important changes in behavior that might be a sign of illness or a change in your cat’s wellbeing. Our vision is to gather as much data as possible on cat health to one day predict illnesses and help cat parents avoid them.

Can Moggie know how my cat feels?Moggie

No. We wish we could, but the data we can get from your cat's daily activity gives us insight into your cat's wellbeing and helps spot early signs of illness.

Is Bluetooth bad for cats?Moggie

No, Bluetooth technology, used in devices like Moggie activity tracker, is considered safe for cats. Numerous studies have found no conclusive evidence linking Bluetooth radiation to adverse health effects in pets at typical exposure levels. Bluetooth operates using low-power radiofrequency signals, similar to Wi-Fi routers and cell phones, and emits radiation well below established safety limits set by regulatory bodies like the Federal Communications Commission. Rest assured, Moggie has been designed with your cat's safety in mind.

Is the tracker for both indoor and outdoor cats?Moggie

Yes. Our activity tracker is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is important to note that data transfer from our cats will only happen when they are within a 10-meter range of the Hub. When your cat is out and about, the device will store the data and then transfer up to 48 hours' worth of data when it is back at home.

Is Moggie waterproof?Moggie

Yes, the Moggie Tracker has IP 65 waterproofing - not enough for a long swim but absolutely for a dip in a fountain/bowl or a ramble in the rain.

How many activity trackers can connect to each hub?Moggie

You can connect up to 100 activity trackers to each hub. You would need more than one hub if your home has several floors, just like a wifi repeater, so that the devices can connect easily when the cat moves around the house.

Do I need more than one hub?Moggie

Maybe. Each hub can connect up to 100 trackers, so if all your cats spend time together in a common area, e.g. the kitchen, for mealtimes, you'll be OK with one hub. Consider additional hubs to cover all spaces for large properties or if your cats are often in different areas, especially if they are over 10 meters apart (the range for tracker and hub connectivity).

How close does my cat need to be to the hub for data upload?Moggie

For the Moggie Activity Tracker to upload data, your cat must be within 10 meters (about 33 feet) of the hub. Ensure the hub is located somewhere your cat spends a lot of time, such as near where it eats or sleeps.

How long does it take for the activity tracker to charge?Moggie

The Moggie Tracker typically takes about 2 hours to fully charge. For optimal charging time, make sure to use the provided charger.

How long does the activity tracker battery last on a full charge?Moggie

The Moggie activity tracker battery lasts up to 4 weeks on a full charge, depending on your cat's activity level and usage.

Explore our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How do I use Moggie?

When should my cat start wearing a Moggie?Moggie

Your cat can wear the Moggie once they weigh at least 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and are comfortable with a collar, usually around 6 months old. Make sure the collar fits well and monitor your cat to ensure they are comfortable with the tracker.

How should I put the Tracker onto my cat's collar?Moggie

Once fully charged, just use the velcro strap to attach the tracker (loops/fluffy side against the cat), so it can be easily removed for the next charge. The Tracker should sit front and center around the cat's neck.

Where should the activity tracker be worn on the collar?Moggie

The tracker must be at the lower part of the collar, beneath the cat's chin. With a correctly fitted collar, the tracker will naturally fall this way. If it doesn't, a quick spin of the collar to get it to the right place will sort it out.

How tight should the collar be?Moggie

We strongly advocate for a 'quick-release' or 'breakaway' safety collar. It should be snug but comfortable—just right for you to slip two fingers underneath it. This ensures that it's secure without being too tight, providing a safe and comfortable experience for your beloved kitty.

Do I need to charge the tracker before using it?Moggie

The app will take you through setup and onboarding, then you can leave the tracker charging until the battery is full and ready to use, usually after a couple of hours. Meanwhile, explore the other app features!

What do the device lights mean?Moggie

The Hub should flash when connecting to wifi then stay solid when connected. There will be a slow breathing light when it is receiving data from the Activity Tracker. The Activity Tracker will show a slow breathing light whilst charging and a solid light when fully charged, and no light when unplugged from the Hub (the cat's app profile shows a green dot when connected).

Explore our most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What if...?

What happens if my cat loses the device? Do I lose all the data?Moggie

Kitties can be clumsy sometimes. Do not worry, though. When you get a new activity tracker, all your data, up to and including the last sync, will be stored in our servers and associated with your cat user.

What if my cat does not like to wear a collar?Moggie

Behaviorists recommend progressively training your cat with a self-release collar over several days (typically 4). You can start by putting the collar on for a while and then extend that time until your moggie gets used to it with plenty of positive reinforcement or treats during the process.

Can my vet get access to the data from my app?Moggie

Yes. One of the best things about Moggie is that you can easily show your vet the Health section of the Moggie app so they can observe your cat's changes in behavior and look for other symptoms of illness. We tend to forget what our cat's been up to by the time we visit the vet and our memories get a bit blurry (Did our cat sleep more than usual? Did they jump around significantly less?).... Still, with Moggie, whether you're right next to them all day or off for work 8 hours a day, you will know how your cat spent their day and what activities they engaged in, so you can easily report back to your vet.

Any other questions?