Your cat can't tell you how it's doing. Moggie can.

Moggie tracks your cat’s daily activity to improve their health & wellbeing. Purrfect peace of mind knowing what your feline is up to, all the time.

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The purr-fect companion

Create a better connection with your cat

More cat care

More cat care

Tips and tricks from our community of experts help you upgrade your cat parenting game.

Activity Tracker

Receive personalized messages based on your cat's latest activity.

Why Moggie?

Peace of mind for you,
daily protection for them.

Our vet-approved device monitors changes in your cat's behavior – helping you detect potential health concerns sooner for a longer and healthier life.

Understand your cat better

Learn from a community of experts with personalized tips and tricks.

Hear what your cat has to say

Translates their behaviors and patterns into direct cat chats.

Updates on their activity

Tracks your cat’s activity 24/7 to build a comprehensive profile.

Real data, real insights

Receive insights on your cat's activity straight to your phone.

Moggie 😻 can help vets more
quickly uncover up to 80% of illnesses that
can be detected through subtle changes
in activity. 🧶

Cats are our thing


Getting health insights from Freddy made me a better cat parent


I’ve discovered the difference in habits between Coco and Mercury


Knowing what Vera is doing while I am away gives me peace of mind