We all know how curious and playful our cats can be, so why not spice up their lives with some DIY enrichment activities?

DIY Puzzle Feeders

Cats are natural hunters, and engaging their hunting instincts during mealtime can provide mental stimulation. Create your own puzzle feeders using items like empty toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, or egg cartons. Simply hide some treats or kibble inside, and watch as your cat uses their wits to retrieve their tasty rewards.

Interactive Toys

Who says you must spend a fortune on fancy cat toys? Get creative with household items to make your own interactive toys. A simple DIY wand toy can be crafted using a stick, dowel or chopstick with some string and a feather attached to the end. Your cat will love pouncing and chasing after their homemade prey!

Homemade Hideouts

Cats love cozy spaces where they can retreat and feel safe. Transform an old cardboard box into a cozy hideout by cutting out entrances and exits, or repurpose a sturdy basket with a soft blanket inside. Your cat will appreciate having their own private sanctuary to lounge and nap in peace.

Sensory Play Stations

Stimulate your cat's senses with a homemade sensory play station. Fill shallow trays or containers with different textures such as rice, beans, or shredded paper for your cat to explore. You can also add a few squirts of catnip spray to cotton balls and hide them around the play area for a scent-based adventure.

DIY Catnip Toys

Catnip is like magic for most cats, so why not make your own catnip toys? Sew simple fabric pouches filled with dried catnip or stuff old socks with catnip and securely tie the end. Your cat will go wild batting around their homemade catnip toys and enjoying the natural high.

Window Perches

Create a homemade window perch to give your cat a front-row seat to the outside world. Install a sturdy shelf or ledge near a window, cushioned with a soft blanket or cat bed. Your cat will love soaking up the sun and watching birds and squirrels go by.

Treasure Hunts

Keep your cat entertained with a fun treasure hunt around the house. Hide treats or toys in various locations, such as under furniture or inside paper bags, and encourage your cat to sniff them out. It's a great way to keep them mentally engaged and physically active.

Cat Image
Cat Image

"Play is not just fun for cats; it's crucial for their physical and mental well-being. Providing enriching activities ensures a happy and healthy feline friend." - Dr. Emily Jones, Veterinarian

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Remember, the key to successful enrichment is to rotate activities regularly to keep things fresh and exciting for your cat.

So, grab your crafting supplies and get ready to delight your furry friend with these homemade enrichment ideas! What are your favourite and innovative DIY cat enrichment activities? Share them with us so we can add them to the following list—bonus points for sharing a photo of your furry bestie demonstrating them.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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