How Cats Communicate With Us

How Cats Communicate With Us

Have you ever caught your cat staring at you and wondered what they were thinking? You are not alone! The signals our cats give us can be ambiguous; read on to find out what your cat’s body language means...

Our furry besties communicate with us by using both vocal and visual signals; however when interacting with their own kind, they will only rely on visual and olfactory cues. So when you are next at home with your cat fam and you hear a meow, pay attention, as your cat is saying "I’m talking to YOU, human!".

Some cat breeds, including Burmese, Siamese and Russian Blues, will chatter to their cat parents at all waking hours, and if you’re un-fur-tunate, at night too.


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What our cat does and what it means


“I’m feeling content, so human, by all means, carry on what you’re doing here with me - don’t stop! Take note: I will also purr when I don’t feel well or when I’m scared, which is my way of telling you that I want you to stick around to look out for me.”

Rubbing against you

“Greetings human, I missed you! Let me mark you so that you remember you’re mine. But also, I love you like the fleas love my fur!”

Slow blinking at you

“I trust you cat parent, we’re cool - I accept you in my Kittyverse. Now flatter me back by blinking at me slowly...”

Tail position

“An erect tail means I’m happy folks, sometimes I’ll fluff it up when I’m super happy. But if you see me with a fluffed up tail and arched body... I’m telling you to BACK OFF. If I hold my tail low and tucked, I’m feeling anxious or insecure. You’ll know I’m agitated if you see me thumping my tail, and in that case... give me space human!!"

Flattened ears

“If my ears are flattened, the tip of my tail is twitching and my body is stiffening, the message is: you are annoying me cat parent. Should you choose to carry on petting me I will swipe you and I will bite you!”

Cat Image
Cat Image

Cat behavior and communication can leave us folks puzzled so knowing the basics will help ensure you know your cat is feline good 24/7.

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Now that you meow how your cat might be feeling, you can enjoy every meowment with your furry bestie! 🐾

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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