Moggie Spotlight: Miss Ivy Cat

Moggie Spotlight: Miss Ivy Cat

Meow there, cool cats and kittens! Today we're joined by the one and only Miss Ivy – the reigning queen of feline fabulousness! This influencer extraordinaire has captivated hearts and won over Instagram with her undeniable charm and graceful demeanor.

Buckle up, grab your favorite catnip toy and let's unravel the fairytale of Ivy's purr-sonal empire! 👑✨💜

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One eye. Big heart. Meet Miss Ivy!

Moggie: Hi Ivy & Dom, so nice to chat with you! First things first: introduce yourselves to our readers.

Dominique: My name is Dominique and Ivy is my furry best friend. Even though it seems like we’ve been together forever, Ivy was an adult rescue. A lot of her life before we met is a mystery (including how she lost her eye), but we will be celebrating her 7th adoptiversary this July!

Moggie: Wow! Happy adoptiversary in advance! How did you start posting your journey together online?

Dominique: After adopting Ivy, I started constantly bombarding my friends, family, and even co-workers with photos of her. I couldn’t help it, and I couldn’t stop. So, in the interest of preserving my relationships, I decided to secretly make an Instagram account just for her. It was originally just meant to be an account for me, where I could just collect photos and videos of her, but it quickly took off. People all over the world were interested in her and wanted to know her story. I love that they love her, and I love learning about everyone else’s pets and adoption stories. It’s been a few years now and I’ve been so lucky to be able to use the account to not only share her story, but to advocate for adoption, and special needs animals as a whole.

Cat Image
Cat Image

To all my fellow cat parents, I just want to say, you’re doing an amazing job and give your cat some chin scratches for us!

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Moggie: What's your favorite thing to share with your online community?

Dominique: I think my favorite thing about sharing Ivy’s life with the world is that it gives me the opportunity to show everyone what the magic of adoption, and second chances can really do. I love that people are able to see that an animal that otherwise might have been overlooked for not looking the way that a “typical” cat would, is able to have such a happy and successful life. Where one shelter might have deemed her a candidate for euthanasia, tens of thousands find her absolutely beautiful. I think she’s such a great reminder that what makes you unique is the most beautiful thing about you.

Moggie: That's so, so true! We're curious to learn more about Ivy's health.

Dominique: Only two months after adopting Ivy, we actually had a cancer scare. It was a really scary experience and extremely costly as well. Luckily, Ivy is now very healthy and happy, but it definitely made me pay a lot more attention to her health-wise. From the food she ate, to the litter she used, to how active she was throughout the day. I try to make sure that Ivy and I spend time every day playing with some of her favorite toys to keep her active and moving.

Moggie: Phew, so glad it turned out to be just a scare and not the real deal. This is exactly where Moggie can come in super handy: tracking your cat's activity has never been easier!

Dominique: I am so excited about Moggie! I love how preventative pet health is finally becoming a topic of conversation. And I absolutely love that Moggie is focusing on cats, specifically, since they’re notoriously good at hiding potential health issues. It’s a great feeling knowing, as a cat owner, that Moggie’s got our backs when it comes to keeping tabs on our cat’s health!

Moggie: Thank you for your kind words, Dominique, it was great chatting with you and Ivy!

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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