Moggie Spotlight: The Purr Paws Bros

Moggie Spotlight: The Purr Paws Bros

Hey there, cool cats and kittens! Today, we're about to embark on a wild ride into the whisker-studded world of internet stardom with none other than The Purr Paws Bros – the trifecta of feline fabulousness: Leo, Milo, and Pablo! This cute trio has conquered Instagram one paw at a time, and we've snagged an exclusive interview with them and their mom to spill the beans on their secrets to purr-fection. 🎤🐱✨

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Meet Leo, Pablo and Milo - The Purr Paws Bros!

The Purr Paw Bros: Hi Moggie & friends! We’re Jiawen (cat mom) and Milo, Leo and Pablo (the cat trio). The 3 bros (as we like to call them) came from 3 completely different foster families, which is why many people are so surprised as to how they ended up being not just the bestest of friends, but also amazing bros for life!

Moggie: Hi! That’s so interesting! How did you decide to adopt the bros?

The Purr Paws Bros: Being an only child, I never got to experience that close sibling dynamic and was seeking that companionship. I got Milo in 2014 from a foster family I connected with online. I then adopted Leo and Pablo, and thus our online journey began. I wanted to showcase their strong bond, my interactions with them, and quite simply bring joy to the cat community!

Moggie: What made you choose the influencer path?

The Purr Paws Bros: I always get asked this question and the answer is so simple. I actually started this journey due to the love, passion and growth I’ve been experiencing ever since I started taking care of them.

Moggie: What's your favorite thing about sharing your cats' lives with the world?

The Purr Paws Bros: I would say my favorite thing to share with my community are the teachings I’ve accumulated through experience, as well as the mutual guidance that happens between cat parents online.

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Cat Image

Without Moggie, the information I could track about my cats’ health was limited.

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The Trio's Health Journey

The Purr Paws Bros: Milo has a disorder called Cryptorchidism, which is why I initially believed he was a girl and even named him Bella! As for Pablo, he had a parasite that caused Giardia, but I luckily caught his health issue at an early stage. Leo experienced the most health issues out of all the bros. His diabetes is the main reason why I became so focused on the importance of a healthy diet.

Moggie: You’ve been one of our earliest app and prototype testers. What are your honest thoughts?

The Purr Paws Bros: I appreciate how your goal is to capture SO much of our cats’ activities and habits in detail like it’s never before been done. None of the brands I've checked out before have embedded the detail that Moggie has in regards to overall health & wellbeing.

Moggie: Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate your support so much!

The Purr Paws Bros: What Moggie brings to the cat community isn’t just another tracking brand, but a means to make us cat parents better connect emotionally with our companions. I also enjoy learning more about my cats' activity, because they're creatures that tolerate high levels of pain without expressing their discomfort, so catching diseases at earlier stages is now easier with Moggie.

Moggie: It’s time to wrap things up, so our last question is: What’s your message to other cat parents?

The Purr Paws Bros: Firstly, each and every single cat has a quirky personality and deserves love. Secondly, preventative care can make your journey as a cat parent a lot smoother. And when it comes to being aware of their habits, behaviors and responses to environmental changes, Moggie will be there to actually capture all of that.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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