The 5 Health Benefits of Being A Cat Parent

The 5 Health Benefits of Being A Cat Parent

If you speak to any cat parent, they will reel off a long list of the joys of owning their moggie... 💓🐈 But did you know there are health benefits to having a cat? Anyone who has a cat in their lives will feel fur-tunate to enjoy lazy weekend mornings in bed with our purring machines as well as those evenings curled up together in front of the fire.

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Aside from their intelligence and beauty, cats make the purr-fect companions for the following five reasons...

🥰 They make us feel less lonely.

Our furry besties make wonderful companions, offering a constant presence and unconditional love. Cat parents have better psychological health than humans without pets and claim to be happier, more confident and feel more able to face problems in life.

🧠 They improve our mental health through lowering our stress and anxiety levels.

Ever had a bad day at work but after you got home and played with your kitty, suddenly those negative emotions and bad mood have melted away? Just watching their yoga-like postures and gravity-defying antics  instills calm and positivity in us. If we become distressed, our furry besties will remain calm and therefore may be more of a calming influence than other human folk!

🤧 They reduce allergies.

Children growing up in a home with cats from a young age are less likely to develop allergies to cat hair and other allergens later on in life. Our furry besties can also help our children emotionally through teaching them empathy as they try to imagine what their kitty is feeling.

🫀 They help improve human cardiovascular health.

A cat’s purr calms our nervous system and lowers our blood pressure! If you’ve ever been a cat parent, your risk of a heart attack or having a stroke lowers during that time compared to human folk who have never owned cats. 

👥 They improve our relationships.

Looking after our furry bestie and them looking after us may lead to benefits in our human-to-human relationships. Being a cat parent makes you more likely to trust other humans, be more socially sensitive and like other people more than folk who don’t own pets.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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