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Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much?


Have you ever wondered why your cat meows at you or are you worried that recently your kitty is meowing more than ever? There are many reasons for healthy cats to meow, however, if your cat was never a ‘talker’ but now meows a lot, there could be a health reason behind it. 

Healthy cat meowing

Meowing can be a normal behaviour in healthy cats - there are different reasons for it depending on circumstances such as whether your cat is a boy or girl, their age and breed… 🐈‍⬛

💬 Meowing in general indicates that your furry bestie is talking to you; they save their vocal chat for us human folks only (see article on How cats communicate with us). They could be asking for your attention - whether it’s to greet you, ask for love or for you to play with them. Often, they yowl when they’re hungry - don’t give in if it’s outside meal times - although those puss-in-boots eyes can be persuasive!

💞 When your girl cat is on heat you will know about it! Your house will be filled with high-pitched calling (particularly at night - eek!) to lure the boy cats in the neighborhood! There may even be some screaming during the mating ritual…

🔊 Certain cat breeds such as Siamese, Burmese and Russian Blues are well known for their chatter so make great furry besties if you fancy a buzzing household and are a heavy sleeper.

😖 Cats can also meow more if they are scared, stressed or feel threatened. This can happen if there are loud sounds such as thunderstorms or fireworks. If you have a cat flap, make sure another cat isn’t coming into your house and intimidating your bestie. You can keep other cats out by getting a cat flap that reads microchips and only allows your cat into the house.

Health problems that cause meowing

If your cat does not usually meow much, but has recently started meowing more, we would recommend getting your cat checked by a vet to rule out medical issues.

👵🏼 Older cats can meow more because of an overactive thyroid, cat dementia (feline cognitive dysfunction) or high blood pressure.

👁️ Eyesight and hearing may become poorer the older cats get, making them more worried or disorientated in the house.

🐾 If your cat cries out when using the litter tray, peeing is probably uncomfortable which could indicate cystitis. If you see them cry while trying to pass stools, it can mean constipation.

😿 Meowing and appearing withdrawn can be a sign of pain. When in doubt, it’s best to call your vet.


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Is your kitty keeping active?

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