Discover how it works and how to connect it with the app on your mobile phone

Track your cat’s activity with the ultimate smart device, and receive their health updates directly to your phone wherever you are. Peace of mind for you, daily protection for them.

Extra activity tracker


+ optional subscription


Made to make your life easier and theirs,
longer and healthier


1 month battery life

Ready when you need it, just turn it on and go about your day


Lightweight device (7g)

The seamless device attaches to your cat’s existing collar


Adaptable to any collar

Designed to be adjustable to find the perfect fit for your cat


24/7 monitoring

24/7 monitoring of cat’s health for longer and better quality of life


Tracks 8 behaviours

Simple insights on cat’s activity straight to your phone



Peace of mind about your cat’s wellbeing whilst you’re away

Your Journey to becoming

the ultimate cat parent

starts here.

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