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How To: Give Your Cat Medication


Does the thought of giving your cat worming tablets or medication make you sweat? Read on to learn the tips and tricks to get your kitty to take their tablet without you getting battle scratches. 🐾 

Giving medication in food

🍚 Once you’ve established your cat’s medication is ok to be given with food, plan for your cat to feel hungry. Take up any food that is left in a bowl during the day and give medication just before their main meal.

🍚 Before offering your cat their main meal, hide the tablet or liquid in a small amount of your cat’s usual food in their normal bowl. If they are usually fed dry food, it is best to offer medication with some wet food which will disguise it better! Other options include cat pâté, jelly from the wet food, a tiny amount of soft cheese or butter or a small piece of fish/meat.

🍚 Once your cat has finished the small portion of food with the medication, offer the rest of their meal. 

🍚 If your kitty is super clever (or extra suspicious!) and eats around the tablet even in the small portion of food try crushing the medication and mixing it with their favorite treat or strong smelling fish. Some treat pastes that work well for giving medication include Webbox Lick-e-Lix, Arden Grange Tasty liver paste, Easypill Cat putty and Cosma jelly snacks.

Giving medication into your cat’s mouth

If the medication can't be given with food or your cat won't take it that way, the remaining option is to gently restrain your cat and pop it to the back of their throat.

The Hug

If your moggie is quite docile you can try restraining them without wrapping them up. Simply pop them onto a table or work-surface which is non-slippery, sit them upright, facing away from you, and gently hold at shoulder level with both hands (like hugging them from behind). This is so you can keep hold of their front legs if they try to swipe.

The Purrito

If your moggie is a wriggler and likes to use their back feet to kick out, then using a towel will be the safest method. Put a medium-sized towel onto a flat surface such as the floor or table and pop your cat onto the middle of it, facing away from you. Wrap each side of the towel over the top of your cat, leaving just their head out to make a cat burrito (purrito). Once your cat is gently restrained you are ready to give the tablet!

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      Things to consider before attempting to give medication

      💊 Can the tablet be crushed/divided or be given with food? Check with your vet or on the medication leaflet.

      💊 Think about your cat’s personality: which method is most likely to be successful? For example, is your cat a good eater and therefore likely to eat medication in food? If your cat is a fussy eater, putting medication in food is unlikely to be successful and may put them off eating.

      💊 Is there a second person who can help you and who ideally knows your cat?

      Cat Image
      Cat Image

      Giving cats medication is a daunting prospect for most cat parents.
      💊 Follow our step by step tutorial to ensure you can accomplish mission impossible.

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      Other tips and tricks

      Use an empty gelatine capsule if you have more than one pill to give at the same time. 💊💊

      You can also try using a pill-crusher to make tablets into a powder which can be easier to mix with food. 🥣

      Alternatively the powder can be mixed with some fish or meat juices and sucked up into a (needless) syringe to give by mouth. 💉

      Consider trying out a pill-giver, the tool that can make administering tablets to the back of the mouth easier, especially if you are worried about putting your fingers in your cat’s mouth.

      If you really can’t get tablets into your cat with any of the above methods, contact your vet practice as they may be able to book your moggie in for medication to be administered! 🩺

      Is your kitty keeping active?

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      Is your kitty keeping active?

      Moggie can tell you.

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