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Moggie Spotlight: KittenBnB

Moggie Spotlight: KittenBnB

Our team is so grateful to have connected with someone as passionate about cats as Jess Thoren of KittenBnB is, and we're even happier to be able to share some of her insights with you.

Jess has been fostering kittens for Animal Care Centers of NYC for over 6 years now and her mission is to improve catkind by educating others on the immense impact of fostering. 🐾

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Meet Jess Thoren a.k.a.KittenBnB!

Moggie: Hi Jess, so happy to have you here! Could you introduce yourself to our audience?

Jess (KittenBnB): Hi! I’m Jess and I foster kitten kittens for the local animal shelter (@nycacc). I’ve been fostering for the past 6 years and have cared for hundreds of orphaned kittens. I love to take in larger litters that have a harder time finding placement or bottle babies.

Moggie: Can you tell us about your mission and how you got started?

Jess: I started fostering because I genuinely missed having a pet of my own but wasn’t ready to adopt. Fostering seemed like the perfect first step to adopting but then I fell in love with it. Now my mission is to continue fostering and educating others on how rewarding and meaningful fostering can be.

Moggie: What are some of the biggest challenges you face in helping cats and how do you overcome them?

Jess: One of the biggest challenges is the emotional toll it takes to care for them and give the kittens up. A lot of times, people will say they don’t want to foster kittens because they could never give them up. I totally understand that because I felt that way too. However, after doing it a few times, it gets easier. I also now look at it so differently. By giving them up, I’ve made it a happy thing. I get to bring joy to so many people and I get to give someone their new best friend! Adoption days are now happy days for me. There are also always more kittens that need help and by giving them up, I’m opening up my home to others!

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A few years ago I would have never imagined I would be a full-time kitten foster mom and entrepreneur. The best surprise, though, is the amazing community.

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Moggie: Can you share a success story of a cat that you helped rescue and rehome?

Jess: A few years ago, it was my second time bottle feeding and I was asked to take in 4 orphaned neonate kittens. They were only a few days old, and they were found in a trash can in a Brooklyn Park. I noticed one of kittens had a huge wound on her and there were maggots in the wound. I took her to the vet and they suggested I put her down because her odds of survival were not good. I wanted to give her a chance though and I’m glad I did because she was a fighter. After many vet visits and sleepless nights, she was finally ready for adoption! She was adopted with one of the other kittens in the litter and is living a great life now!


Moggie: What are some of the future goals and plans Kittenbnb has?

Jess: Pre-pandemic, I created a REAL KittenBnB. It was an AirBnB with foster kittens that human guests could stay at too! It was a great way to introduce people to fostering in an easy manner. Unfortunately, version 1 of that shut down during the pandemic but it’s something I would like to do again at some point!

Moggie: How can the community get involved and support your efforts?

Jess: Sign up to foster! And check out our support page that features our Amazon list, Patreon and PayPal. Every act of support means the world to KittenBnB!

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

Is your kitty keeping active?

Moggie can tell you.

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